kamu sayang orang tak , sayang macam mane , jujur . dear hafiz you bole tak jangan tanye macam ni , surry kalau you ta paham ape yang i tulis ni (: 
can you please stop asking me that question ? i didn't mean that i don't like that question , i'm just want you to know the answer by just look at my appearance . sometimes i feel like wanna jerit kuat-kuat just for you to know that i love you somuch and i miss you so much more . more than you do . but nahh , i can't . if you really want to know how much i love you try to look at my smile . is that smile i really mean it . yess sayang , that smile is because of you (: you make me smile , you also make my days . when you hear my voice on the call , did you hear how happy i am ? hearing your voice everyday, its enough for me sayang . i miss you so much sayang . so start from now , don't ask me more did i love you . yes i do i do i do love you . as what ? everything sayang . you're everything to me (: 
i tahu kite baru lagi , but i rase kite macm da lame sangat . anything i do , i ingat you . no , i takan curang dengan you . i'm just want you and i'm yours . i do love you so much . i give you myheart , please don't break it into pieces . i trust you sayang (: