kawan , i think i'm so surry cuz i feel that i'm surry for myself away from u all . i do not know why i can change . maybe because i was bored with the attitude all of u . that is why i decide to create their own paith . i do not want to equal wth your friend all because i do ever want to be the besr for everyone . i am good for us for their own direction . i do not mind it u all want to say anything about me cuz i think u all have deficiencies . and please do not want to find out about me and all everthing about me . juz takecare of everthing your yourself . so it is not necessary want to talk about me or says i changed . yess , i changed it ! kalau semua manusia boleh berubah kenape saya ta boleh ? i dunt mind if u all do not want a friend with me . because i think , i dunt not have selfish friend and talk about me behind and two-faced . yess , memang saya dah lain and ta rapat dengan awak semua .surry friend i dunt not why i changed